Wolfsblut Vet Urinary - Chicken with Sweet Potato 6x 395g

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On order, delay 3 to days, subject to availability from the supplier. URINARY for struvite stones Complete dietary food for adult dogs to support the health of the urinary tract; can contribute to the dissolution of struvite stones and to the reduction of recurrences of struvite stones.

Description :

Composition: Complete dietary food for adult dogs chicken 60%, sweet potatoes 7%, pumpkin 2%, salmon oil 1.0%, alfalfa, minerals, Jerusalem artichoke, dandelion, nettle, mannan-oligosaccharides (prebiotic MOS), fructo-oligosaccharides (prebiotic FOS), Calcium sulfate 0.25%. Urinary acidifier: DL-methionine, sodium bisulfate.With struvite stones.

Does your dog have an increased urge to urinate or is suddenly no longer potty trained? Is he having trouble disengaging or is he taking longer than usual to do so? Do not wait and be sure to have any urinary tract problems examined by your veterinarian. A urinary tract disease - whether due to a bacterial infection or due to age, race or diet - can lead to the formation of painful urinary stones. The most common type of urinary stones in dogs are the so-called struvite stones, which are caused by the deposition of minerals and substances in the bladder. Because your dog cannot excrete them through urine, the four-legged patient needs your support.


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