Toys for cats-KONG Active promote exercise and healthy meet the natural instincts of hunt, pursuit and capture of your pet.Tennis balls, KONG Cat have a felt non-abrasive that will not avail itself of the teeth of your pet. Indoor cats will not be reluctant not to exercise thanks to the bell interior.

CHF 5.90
Toy for cat with rustling. Colours subject to availability

CHF 6.50
KONG Catnip Mice combine the softness of the stuffed with a generous amount of catnip KONG north american first quality, to stimulate the instincts of the game's natural your catToys KONG Catnip Mice are fun and versatile, and suitable for cats of all ages.

CHF 7.90
The KONG Laser is a source of amusement inexhaustible. Point the laser towards the ground or towards a wall, and let your cat stalk and attempt to capture this elusive prey.

CHF 6.90
Toy for cat with Catnip.

CHF 13.80
The toy for cats KONG Cat Wubba has been specially designed to stimulate the natural need of the cat to hunt and capture its prey. The fishing rod Hugga Wubba Teaser is an interactive toy that promotes play with your cat.

CHF 11.00
Mouse miniature radio-controlled with all functions (front, back, left, right), loaded in 45 seconds and ready to use! Very fast and agile ! Without batteries.

CHF 26.90
The long playmate with catnip produced entirely in North America, long antennae, and light limbs articulated.

CHF 6.90
A strange bird with feathers animated and natural catnip for a hunting and games playful !

CHF 6.90
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