Use of points

Points * Internet:

Since 01 September 2020, when you purchase on our website, points accumulate in your account, 2.6 pts per tranche of Chf 10-of purchase.

It takes a minimum of 50 points to generate a discount code. (For example, 50 pts = Frs 5-reduction).

To know the amount of your rewards, log in with your credentials, click on the my account tab in the my rewards section.

Uses on the site:

To use your loyalty points, log in to your account before starting your order. After filling your cart, go to the my account section, my rewards tab and turn your accumulated points available into a voucher and add to cart.

The discount is deducted from your cart and you can finalize your order.

Store use:

If you wish, you can use the voucher on your purchases made in store. To do this, print the correct generate by the system and present it at the checkout of the store. The indicated value will be deducted from your purchases.



Points* on invoices: (Telephone order and internet order prior to 01 September 2020)

For orders taken by phone, points will be written on the bottom of your invoice.

These points are valid ONLY on purchases made in-store (0.10 cts / point). The printing of the dots cannot be reprinted.

As of September 01, 2022, there are no more points on invoices. A 2.5% discount will be applied on items* invoiced

* Not valid on discount items, Hill's Prescription Diet products and in-action items.