Terms of use

Terms of use from 01 September 2020 The only thing we ask you is to make CANICROK known to your friends, your neighbors, your entourage etc...

Deliveries canton of Geneva: No contract, Free on the canton of Geneva from Frs 70.-- purchase delivered.
Payment by credit card on the webshop: Our credit card payment system is fully secured by a system (Datatrans)that has already proven itself. Only the exact amount of the invoice (with or without delivery charges according to our terms of sale) will be debited from your credit card account. If we are unable to deliver an item to you (out of stock, deletion of our supplier's catalogue), the price of the latter will also be deducted from the amount charged. In summary we only charge your credit card what will actually be delivered to you. In case of error, we will contact you immediately to refund you.
Payment on invoice (Reserved for former customers, subject): Net payment term to 10 days. We reserve the right to suspend or stop this payment method at any time without prior notice. Any overdue and unpaid invoices within the time limit will result in the blocking of your account and only an advance payment will be accepted.

General Deliveries Switzerland (Excluding Canton of Geneva):
Deliveries to Switzerland (Outside Geneva) must be paid before shipment (either by credit card on our website or after receipt of your payment).
Participation in postal costs: Order up to 4.99 kg: Frs 9.- Order between 5kg and 28kg: Free
Orders are made by phone, fax, Internet.
You are delivered directly to the address you indicated during your order. After validation of your order, a confirmation email is sent to your email address.
Radius of action * Geneva (all canton FREE) From Monday to Friday excluding public holidays
* It is not possible to choose a specific delivery time in the time slot.
* For the rest of Switzerland, shipping by post (Order between 5kg and 28kg max, shipping costs are offered. Sfr 9.- for orders less than 5kg)
* No export.
Delivery time: As a general rule, deliveries are made within 2 working days* in the canton of Geneva and 3 days minimum* for sending with La Poste.
* Subject to stock availability.

Orange loyalty card and loyalty account: Available for CANICROK customers valid only at the store (about 5% discount). Please note: Discount cards cannot be combined with other discounts. Loyalty cards are not available to members of clubs already benefiting from a discount. Loyalty in delivery: Points will be counted * according to your purchases, in your account under reward. These points are cumulative and you can deduct them directly from your orders. (10pts = Frs 1 -).
The points that were on the old invoices will not be accumulated to the new system but will remain valid only in store.

As of September 01, 2022, there are no more points on invoices. A 2.5% discount will be applied on items* invoiced
* = Except Hill's Prescription Diet and promotional item. Special customers in deliveries (Guide dogs, professional ...), and those with fixed discounts do not count points.