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Toilet open for the cat 42x32x13cm

CHF 12.90
To fund cat rectangle. 59x46cm

CHF 4.40
To fund cat rectangle. 56.5x43.5cm

CHF 4.30
To fund cat rectangle. 55.5x69cm

CHF 7.20
Deodorizer for cat litter

CHF 9.70
The vegetable oils natural, Gliss Liss demele, sheath and chandelier, bringing radiance & shine to the hair.|Advice diutilisations: Before the bath : shake Well before use, spray directly on the nodes, to help|make penetrate the product in using your fingers, leave on for 2 minutes, brushing was against the grain of the hair then brush normally to demeler.

CHF 24.90
Shampoo CAT, at neutral pH, has been specially designed formula, based on oil diArgan for its properties of reparation, nutritional, preventive and moisturizing. Rich in omega 6 and vitamins A and E, the shampoo BIOGANCE CAT hydrates the skin and nourishes the hair in depth while in the for the protection of assault external (pollution, sun, tobacco...) Result: Hair is soft and shiny. Skin regeneree.

CHF 16.90
Because of its complex natural powder plant, shampoo dry Waterless cleans without rineage, desodorise and degraisse smoothly. Niirrite not the skin and niagresse not the hair. Appropriate for any hair type. Ideal between baths.

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Suitable for dogs and cats with long hairs, medium and short. Promotes the elimination of fleas and nits. Tooth stainless steel.

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Hook to remove ticks (includes 1 large and 1 small draw-ticks

CHF 7.90
SCRATCHING POST OPTIMUS - Smart and original: you can think of different combinations to place this scratching post.It can be placed in 4 different ways, in order to vary the pleasures.Video, click here

CHF 33.90
Suitable for dog and cat hair long, medium and short. Picot extra flexible stainless steel to protect the hair during his interview. Allows you to easily remove the undercoat and the topcoat of the dead. By pressing the push button, the hairs collected can be easily removed.

CHF 18.90
Wipes neutral, without alcohol. Designed for the daily cleaning perfect for your dog, cat or puppy. Eliminate dust, secretions and impurities. Free of dyes, parabens, sodium sulfate. Bag re-sealable

CHF 8.50
The cleaning wipes are particularly indicated to clean the coat of your animal.

CHF 8.50
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