1 diffuser + 1 refill 48ml.Feliway Friends mimics the pheromone calming motherly feline produced by the cat during the nursing of her kittens. This pheromone is known for its soothing properties and for its ability to strengthen the emotional ties. Regardless of the age of the cat, this pheromone provides a calming effect that helps the cats of the household to better accept themselves.

CHF 52.90
1 refill Feliway Friend 48ml

CHF 29.90
1 diffuser + 1 refill 48ml.Feliway Diffuser is a unique solution to help the cats adapt to difficult situations, to feel good in their environment, and to reduce unwanted behaviors related to stress.

CHF 52.90
Compatible only with the new distributors. 1 refill 48ml

CHF 29.90
Feliway Spray 60ml

CHF 49.90
Composed of Treats made from liver, chicken, Sweets chicken with prawns, Treats in the turkey with cranberries.

CHF 16.50
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