Farmina Vet Life

Farmina VetLife

Farmina Vet Life Natural Diet is the new revolutionary range of veterinary products from Farmina, the first 100% natural veterinary range resulting from long and meticulous research in collaboration with the Federico II University of Naples.

Our experience in the development of nutritional solutions in accordance with the physiology of cats and dogs has allowed the Farmina Vet Research team to formulate the first natural veterinary range characterized by :

Natural antioxidants only, extracts rich in tocopherols, which allow a natural preservation of the product.

Made without GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms). The European Union authorizes them in a regulated manner in application of the precautionary principle. Farmina goes even further by excluding potentially genetically modified ingredients (for example corn) and integrating ancestral non-GMO cereals (spelled and oats).



Ancestral cereals have a low glycemic index which makes it possible to modulate the postprandial glycemic response.

Farmina Vet Life Natural Diet products are also packaged under a protective atmosphere in order to prevent fat oxidation and preserve optimal freshness.

Respect, the basis of our scientific research

One of the special characteristics of the clinical trials carried out by Farmina Vet Research is the cooperation with dozens of independent veterinarians practicing throughout Italy, who offer a nutritional solution to cats and dogs already suffering from pathologies. The animals have the possibility of seeing their health improve by continuing to live within their family throughout the duration of the trial, without any changes to their lifestyle habits except for their diet. 




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