Ultra Vari Kennel XS, 72x52x55cm

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Safe at home and safe while traveling. Quick and easy assembly. Ventilation by aeration circuit. IATA Standard.

Delivered with the stickers "Live Animals" and 1 double feeder.


For dogs from 10 to 13kg

Article on order, delay 4 to 15 days, subject to availability from our supplier.

Description :

Approved for transport by plane and complies with IATA standards.

Resistant and durable construction thanks to its reinforced and impact-resistant side walls.

Bottom of the crate with chute-shaped contour to keep the dog well dry.

Metal door with double rod spring latches.

Model with metal nuts and bolts, easy to assemble without tools.

Small perforations at the 4 corners of the body as well as on the contour of the doors to insert plastic links.

Presence of 2 ventilation grilles to avoid any deformation of the body and to offer 360 ° ventilation.

Supplied with double food / water bowl that clips onto the grid.

Live ANIMALS identification sticker: LIVE ANIMALS.

Ecological and made 95% from recycled materials.

* Choose the right crate size for the animal :

He should have enough room to stand, turn over easily and lie down comfortably.

The best way to choose the ideal size of the crate is to measure the dog from the top of the head to the floor and then from the tip of the nose to the base

from the tail. The height of the crate should be about 7.5 to 10 centimeters longer than the pet.

Check before leaving the special requirements of the airline that may be added to these standards


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