Dog toy JW Tumble Teez M Red

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The JW Tumble Teez dog toy is available in three sizes: small, medium or large.
For small breeds buy a small one.
For medium-sized dog breeds we recommend buying a medium-sized one.
For large breeds such as German shepherds or Rhodesian Ridgebacks, we recommend buying a large size.


Description : JW® Tumble Teez™ is designed to sporadically dispense treats while your dog is playing with the toy. Cleverly designed, the Tumble Teez has a patented internal shelf design that works like a maze for the treat to move through as your dog nudges and paws the toy. This challenging dog puzzle is designed to keep your dog engaged and make the treatment time last longer. Made of non-toxic natural rubber and constructed with a super thick rubber wall, the Tumble Teez will withstand all the fun your dog releases.

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