Royal Canin cat HAIRBALL Care-400g

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Food is balanced and complete for adult cats. Recommended to help reduce the formation of hairballs
Description : The Cats spend the majority of their waking hours to grooming themselves. They swallow spontaneously large quantities of hair that have a tendency to accumulate in the digestive system to form balls of hair.
In most cases, the ingested hair cause of regurgitation, or may cause discomfort to digestive occasionally.
HAIRBALL CARE is a nutritional formula precisely balanced, which helps reduce naturally the formation of hairballs. The exclusive complex contained in HAIRBALL CARE is composed of a mixture of reinforced dietary fiber, including psyllium, rich in mucilage, and insoluble fibres to help support intestinal transit. It promotes the regular elimination in the feces of the hair swallowed every day instead of the latter do not accumulate in the stomach and are eventually regurgitated.

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