Prescription Diet™ Canine ON-Care Chicken and vegetables 12x354gr

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Hill's Prescription Diet ON-Care - Slow Cooker for Dogs with Chicken & Added Vegetables is a complete dietary food intended for nutritional restoration and convalescence for adult dogs. This food has a high energy density, a high concentration of essential nutrients and highly digestible ingredients.

Description :

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Please consult your veterinarian for more information and advice on the most suitable diet for your dog or cat.

1. The "Hill's Prescription Diet" products can only be given after a prescription from your veterinarian.
2. A regular check-up with your cat or dog at your veterinarian is essential during the time when your pet is fed with an item from the "Hill's Prescription Diet" range.
3. If you notice a behavioral modification or a change in your pet's health status, please contact your veterinarian immediately to ask for advice.
4. The "Hill's Prescription Diet" products can only be ordered on the website and are not for sale in our stores.
5. By purchasing the "Hill's Prescription Diet" products, you confirm that you have read and understood the elements listed above.


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