ORIJEN Dog Adult Original 2Kg

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Full of animal protein, ultra nourishing (85 %), necessary for the maintenance of lean muscle mass, the preparation, award-winning low-glycemic and low-carbohydrate ORIJEN promotes a healthy blood sugar level and optimal health in dogs of all breeds and all styles of life.
Description : 85% MEAT | 15% FRUITS & VEGETABLES
Ingredient: chicken Meat fresh (13%), meat of fresh turkey (7%), fresh eggs (7%), chicken liver costs (6%), herring whole expenses (6%), sole whole fresh (5%), liver turkey, fresh (5%), neck fresh chicken (4%), heart fresh chicken (4%), heart of fresh turkey (4%), chicken dehydrated (4%), turkey dehydrated (4%), mackerel whole dehydrated (4%), sardine whole dehydrated (4%), herring whole dehydrated (4%), lentils whole green lentils, whole, green peas whole, fibre, lentils, chick peas whole, small whole yellow peas, beans, whole oil, herring (1%), chicken fat (1%), cartilage of poultry (1%), chicken liver (freeze-dried), liver turkey (freeze-dried), whole pumpkin fresh, pumpkin, zucchini, whole, parsnips, whole fresh carrots, fresh apples, fresh whole, fresh pears, cabbage fresh, fresh spinach, fresh beets, turnip greens, fresh, vareches brown, cranberries, blueberries, whole, roots of chicory, milk thistle-milk, burdock root, lavender, the root of marshmallows, biscuits.

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