Litiere Everclean Extra Strong Clumping (FG) 10L

Réf. 1113

CHF25.95 Tax included

The clumping litter box with a fresh scent for cats, with its formula for an incomparable clumping power, traps bad odors for a lasting freshness.
Description : Based on first quality agglomerating clay, which allows the formation of solid blocks that are easy to remove, that do not crumble, and without dust.
Our incomparable activated carbon technology captures and retains bad odors, which makes it possible to eliminate them rather than simply mask them.
For continuous freshness, the Ever Clean litter effectively eliminates urine, feces and ammonia odors.
The technology of activating the fragrance by the cat's paws makes it possible to diffuse a pleasant smell when it uses its litter box.

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