Ecuelle Fresh Nano Simple

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A bowl of food that makes each meal a pleasure for each cat.
Description : PETKIT has carefully studied the faces of different cats depending on their width and their shape, in order to determine finally the angle of inclination, correct to the food bowl and its correct form; the two results allow us to almost all of the cats to eat more easily. In this way, the FRESH NANO also helps cats to develop healthier eating habits.
• Two corners that meet the needs of different cats.
A rotary device appropriate links to the support bowl and the base. Align the notch and turn the cup to lock it to the support. This sophisticated system lets you easily adjust the bowl on two angles of inclination: 0 ° or 15 °. They are ideal for taking food practice.
• More height to improve posture food
posture food can affect the spine of the cat. After you have measured the chip bowls for cats available in the trade and observed the eating habits of cats, PETKIT has increased the height of floating of the bowl of food in order to reduce the pressure on the cervical vertebrae during the meal and to ensure a healthy growth of the body.
• Oval bowl for a food simplified
•Body bowl (transparent) for observation and cleaning easy


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