Anju Shampoo Pure Energy 250ml


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Gentle and no fragrance, it is ideal for persons allergic or sensitive skin. It is also suitable for dogs or outdoor working, including the sense of smell must be preserved.

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The unique shampoo natural dedicated to subjects with fragile skin, with easily of allergic reactions as well as dogs who have a wide access to the outside, to the working dogs whose sense of smell must be preserved. Formulated without dye, fragrance-free, it is free of allergens. It is enriched with Provitamins in Wheat Proteins and trace elements. These ingredients associated with the extracted water-soluble Lotus Flower and Ginseng make a shampoo with high washing power, at once energizing and zen (calming) suitable for all breeds and all types of coat. Absolutely pure, it is respectful of the physiological condition of the animal, its skin and its fur. It is designed for frequent use, without constraints, neither for the animal nor for the master. The use of a dryer after the washing is not indispensable, because it leaves no residual odour hair wet. A simple towel will suffice.

Composition of the product, lotus Blossom, Ginseng, and wheat proteins

May produce an allergic reaction. Keep out of reach of children

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