Anju Shampoo White 250ml

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Accessible to all races in white coats, the shammpooing Whiteness revives and intensifies the shine of the fur by fighting against yellowing.
Description : A real shampoo beauty treatment, whose active principles and Chamomile, enhance, revive and enhance the shine and intensity of fur-white or predominantly white. The effect inside color is obtained from surfactants, amphoteric complexing which allow the cuticles of your hair to retain the colour during shampooing and fixing it during the drying process. Chamomile helps to fight naturally against the problems of yellowing that appear on exposed areas. The provitamins reinforce shine and hydration. The effect of whiteness being cumulative, with the regular use of WHITENESS to find or maintain a bright white.

Product Composition: Chamomile, pro vitamin

May produce an allergic reaction. Keep out of reach of children

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