Patee universal Schweizer 600 G ( UNI )

Réf. 8248

CHF12.50 Tax included

This food used throughout the year is suitable for seed-eating and insectivorous, that is to say, to the birds at beak end and a sharp tip, such as blackbirds, robins, starlings, nightingales, the thrushes, the goldfinches and siskins of alders.
Description : Hemp ground pepper, bread, oil cake extraction, soybean, middlings, juniper berries, dried fruits, beet sugar, glucose syrup, fat horse, shells of shrimp, ground, minerals, millet flour, cumin, gammarus shrimp, flies water, daphnia, honey, Sorbidex NC 16 205, berries of mountain ash, crab, carrot flakes, vitamins, lecithin.

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