ACANA cat pacifica 1.8 kg

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ACANA Pacifica illustrates the rich marine life of the cold waters and pure of the Pacific in Canada. It contains canadian fish fresh, regional, of fresh wild fish caught in a responsible way to the north of Vancouver Island.
ACANA Pacifica offers a natural diet to your cat.

Description : Raw herring whole of the Pacific (14%), Mackerel raw whole Pacific (13%), hake raw whole (9%), herring dehydrated (8%), blue whiting dehydrated (8%), mackerel dehydrated (8%), Pinto beans, whole, whole peas, Flounder cru sauvage (5%), oil pollock (5%), red lentils whole, chickpeas, whole lentils, whole green, rockfish, whole raw (4%), sunflower oil, lens fiber, cod liver freeze dried (1%), kelp, dried, whole pumpkin fresh, butternut squash, whole fresh, kale, fresh, fresh spinach, turnip greens, fresh, carrots fresh, fresh apples, fresh pears, cranberries entièresfraîches, blueberries, whole fresh (blueberries), chicory root, turmeric root, milk thistle, burdock root, lavender, marshmallow root, fruit of the dogrose.

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