Farmina ND

Farmina ND

Farmina uses only first-class ingredients and transforms them by minimizing the impact on nutrients. In this way, the food is particularly digestible and the bioavailability of the nutrients is excellent, which means a high nutritional quality.


N&A Quinoa is the innovative line of functional foods developed to support the well-being of dogs and cats with specific nutritional needs. Grain-free and containing more than 92% animal protein from innovative sources. With quinoa, a precious ingredient with unique nutritional properties.

N&D Prime is the line of natural, grain-free products, scientifically developed for dogs and cats based on the nature of carnivores.

This is the first Natural & Delicious line developed with top quality ingredients and 98% animal protein. Only natural antioxidants, grain-free, with essential ingredients (including valuable vitamins) mixed using a "cold infusion" technology.


N&D Pumpkin, the line of products without cereals and 96% protein with pumpkin, a typical vegetable of Italian cuisine, with exceptional nutritional characteristics: rich in beta-carotene, it supports the immune system and helps fight free radicals.

N&D Ocean: Only natural antioxidants, extracts rich in tocopherols, for a natural preservation of the product. A complete range of foods to satisfy the nutritional needs of puppies/kittens and adult dogs and cats. For years, Farmina has been offering the food system for carnivores that uses the best raw materials to formulate a grain-free diet or with a limited content of ancient cereals.

N&D Ancestral Grain is the line with a low content of ancient cereals (spelled and oats), scientifically designed from the nature of canine and feline carnivores.

N&A Spirulina is the new and first range of foods developed by Farmina to support the well-being of active dogs and cats. With Spirulina, a super ingredient that benefits from great nutritional and health benefits. Product without cereals and with more than 90% of proteins of animal origin.

N&D White is a new line of products specifically formulated to reduce the formation of brown tear spots. Our formulas include a single animal protein with high biological value, limited levels of fenilalanine and tirosine.

It is ideal for any white breed such as the West Highland/White Terrier, Maltese, Pomeranian, Poodle and Bull Terrier and small caucasian dogs.

N&D BROWN is a new line of products specifically formulated to protect the natural brown color of the coat. Contains proteins of high biological value, many levels of fenilalanine and thyrosine.

It is ideal for anyone of brown breed such as chihuahua, schnauzer, French bulldog, pinscher, poodle and small brown-haired dogs.




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