Destroyed the mite adults,larvae and eggs,thereby decreasing the risk of allergies.Also effective against fleas and bed bug had all their stages of development.Do key not,without odor residual.

CHF 29.90
Desinfecte toilets,bins,litieres,etc, can also be used on textiles,carpets,interior, car.Scents of eucalyptus. Effective against the virus as "Influenza H1N1 virus" (swine flu)

CHF 8.90
By its action is bactericidal and fungicidal, it eliminates all remperatures microbes and bacteria resistant when washed. For all textiles.

CHF 19.90
Destroys bacteria,fungi and viruses on all surfaces and objects washable. Scents of eucalyptus.

CHF 10.90
Destroyed microbes,fungi and bacteria that are the origin of bad smells.

CHF 16.90
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