Sparrow Dog Holista CannaBits Chicken 6x400gr

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This super premium 100% natural and complete wet food, with excellent taste, is perfectly suitable for dogs of all ages and all breeds. SPARROW Holista CannaBits® uses only natural ingredients. There are no artificial preservatives, flavors or unnecessary fillers and additives.
The wet food is based on the B.A.R.F. principle and has a naturally balanced combination of meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts and precious herbs. It contains only one source of animal protein, in accordance with the example of nature.

Description :

80% Chicken, (47% meat, 13% gizzard, 11% heart, 9% carcass), 7% potato, 4% carrot, 3% apple, 1.5% blackberry, 1.5% blueberry, hazelnut, eggshell powder, 0.5% hemp oil, 0.45% ground hemp (whole plant), seaweed flour, collagen, rose hips, green orange mussel powder, silica, field horsetail, nettles, dandelions, oregano
Crude protein 9.66%; Crude fat 11.12%; Crude ash 2.97%; Crude cellulose 1.02%; Moisture 72.94%
Daily feeding recommendation :
Dog weight: 5kg; grams/day: 200g - 300g ;
Dog weight: 10kg; grams/day: 300g - 450g
Dog weight: 15kg; grams/day: 450g - 675g
Dog weight: 20kg; grams/day: 600g - 900g
Dog weight: 30kg; grams/day: 900g - 1350g
Dog weight: 40kg; grams/day: 1200g - 1600g
The quantities of food given are indicative. The exact amount depends on the breed and the activity of the dog.
Young dogs
Growing dogs are fed daily at the rate of 5 to 8% of their body weight. Small breeds should receive a diet representing 8% of their body weight and large breeds 5%.
Adult dogs
Adult small-breed dogs receive 4-6% daily, and large-breed dogs 3-4% of their body weight.
Dogs of advanced age receive 2-3% of their body weight per day.
Important: A healthy adult dog should always receive a daily amount of at least 2% of its body weight to cover its needs.
For all dogs, start with the lowest value, because it is much easier to add some than to subtract some.
Always make fresh water available.


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