Inaba Churu Tuna & Salmon 4x14gr

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Churu purees are creamy, delicious and low in calories. Made without cereal or articial coloring. Fish from a fishery respectful of natural resources.
Each sachet contains 4 tubes of 14 g.

Tuna (28.2%), salmon (1.8%), tapioca, tuna extract, collagen, green tea extract.
Description : These cat licking treats are made from wild tuna or pure and natural farmed chicken!
Churu® Purees are rich in moisture that felines need for their health. Simply tear open a tube and press lightly to feed your pet by hand with these grain-free, preservative-free treats. You can also pour them into a bowl or use them as a tasty filling for wet or dry food.

・Made from pure and natural farmed chicken
-Without cereals, preservatives or artificial colors
-A creamy texture and tasty aromas that cats love
-Ideal for taking with medicines
・High moisture content that cats need for their general health
・Low in calories
-Designed for hand feeding
-Innovative and interactive way to spend time together

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