Lily''s Kitchen Cat Croquette Mature 800gr

Réf. 2927

CHF16.90 Tax included

Made of 70% fish, and turkey freshly prepared, it is a recipe for a fantastic scent and flavour that will shake the nose of your cat as soon as you open the bag.
Description : 70% freshly prepared: white fish of the season (35%), turkey (29%), trout (6%)
Potato protein, potato, cellulose, fish broth, egg, flax seed extract, pussy lips green (0,2%), turmeric (0,1%), prebiotics (fructo oligo saccharides 0.7 g / kg), a mixture of care for the joints (methylsulfonylmethane 200 mg / kg, glucosamine 180 mg / kg, chondroitin sulfate 130 mg / kg), Italian cheese, boswellia, seaweed, carrots, persil, cranberry, bilberry, ginkgo biloba (0,02%), fenugreek seeds

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