Kong Easy Treat Liver 236ml

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KONG Liver Easy Treat Paste is a delicious treat that appeals to all kinds of dogs, and will convince you with its simple and not messy side. Made in the United States, this highly digestible and fatty acid-free treat makes things even more delicious when added to an already garnished KONG. An exclusive design tip makes it easy to control the amount of KONG Easy Treat added, and to fill the toy in a practical and non-messy way. Do you want your KONG garnished to last longer? Freeze your KONG garnished, embellished with KONG Liver Easy Treat, for a challenge that will absorb your dog for a long time. There's no need to put it in the fridge.

Description :

Delicious and irresistible liver aromas to stimulate and delight dogs
Easy to use, convenient to garnish without getting dirty
Ideal for filling KONG Classic and rubber toys, for hours of play
Made in the USA


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