Adaptil Kit Demarrage 30 days 48ml


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ADAPTIL® Diffuser is a unique solution to help the dogs to adapt to difficult situations and to reduce the inappropriate behaviors related to stress. ADAPTIL® Diffuser contains a synthetic reproduction of the pheromone calming canine secreted by the bitch during the birth of the puppies and for the duration of

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•Helps control stress at risk situations
•Strengthens the confidence of the dog after its adoption
•Reassures the dog in the absence of its owners
•Facilitates adaptation to new environments (moving, arrival of a new member in the household)

Suitable for puppies and adult dogs
Duration of action : 30 days (may vary depending on the voltage and electrical flow of air in the room where it is plugged in the device).
Action area : 70 m2

Do not plug the diffuser in under a shelf or behind a door, curtains or furniture as this could be detrimental for the good operation of the device.

The efficacy of ADAPTIL® Diffuser is clinically proven.

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