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Prescription Diet™ m/d™ Feline Original Box 24x156gr


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Food rich in proteins and low in carbohydrates to steer the metabolism towards using fat as an energy source. Enriched with L-carnitine to support the conversion of fat into energy while maintaining lean muscle mass. High in antioxidants to help reduce oxidative cellular damage.

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On command, within 2 to 5 days.
Please consult your veterinarian for more information and advice on diet that is best suited for your dog or cat.

1. "Hill's Prescription Diet" can be given only after a prescription from your veterinarian.
2. A regular check-up with your cat or dog to your veterinarian is essential during the time your pet is fed by a section of the range, "Hill's Prescription Diet".
3. If you notice a change in behavior or a change in state of health of your pet, contact your veterinarian immediately to ask him for tips.
4. "Hill's Prescription Diet" may be ordered ONLY on the website and are not for sale in our stores.
5. By purchasing the products, "Hill's Prescription Diet", you confirm that you have read and understood the items listed above.

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