RelaxoPet Duo

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The sound module RelaxoPet works with his versions sound special listening dogs and cats, with a built-in timer 120 and allows the animal to relax deeply. With the sound module RelaxoPet, the owner can choose whether the output should be intended for dogs or cats, with or without relaxation music additional.

Video application: Click here

Description : Many pet owners know that the problem is that their faithful companion, in spite of a good education and a good training in stressful situations, is simply outdated and has problems of adverse behavioural (e.g., conduct, home, visits to the vet, unexpected noises such as fireworks, etc ). RelaxoPet has recognized this problem and help with its strategies subliminal specially developed (subliminal, oscillations, frequency, and pitch) to avoid these factors of stress, whether at home or in an environment that is not animal, because RelaxoPet works thanks to the powerful lithium battery that is completely independent of a power outlet.

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