Collier Bobby pour chat
Glamour and sparkles like a river of diamonds. A multitude of colors for cats very quaint.Collar for cat leather decorated with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.With a bell, and the "safety system" anti-choke.Composition : leather and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.

CHF 41.00
This leather collar is equipped with a reflective stripe for more safety. The tab on door-to-address allows you to write your contact information and be contacted if you lose your cat. This collar closes and adjusts with a buckle sliding to adapt perfectly to the morphology of the cat. It is equipped with an elasticated safety anti-strangulation.

CHF 15.20
The necklace SAFE is the safety plus of the night walks the cat! Bright color and top-stitching a saddle stitch reflective, this necklace will allow your pet to be seen easily. Nylon braided, it is very solid and closes easily using a metal buckle. Complete with a bell, and the "safety system" anti-choke. Composition : 100 % nylon.

CHF 10.90
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