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Ideal for mix the meat. Wheat, but oats, millet, rice, grass, vegetables, vitamins and minerals. Low in fat.

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The KONG Signature ball brings ultra-durability and an uber-bounce to games of fetch and retrieve. Dogs that are driven to fetch will delight in play sessions with the KONG Signature Ball.

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Dry food in the form of dry kibble for adult dog, beef and 75% of which 60% poultry 15%fish

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Dry food in the form of dry kibble, for dogs over 7 years old, meat 70%, including 50% poultry, 20% fish

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This food, in the form of croquettes of meat, poultry, meets perfectly the nutritional needs of dogs ages. My is, rice, poultry meat, beet pulp, wheat, protein of potato, flour|fish, starch, wheat, yeast of beer, fiber, vegetable, fat of poultry, sprouts of wheat, oil|sunflower, carob, dibasic calcium phosphate, flax seed, lecithine of soya, spices, calcium carbonate,|fructo-oligosaccharide, extract of yucca, sodium chloride, carnitine, glucosamine, chondro itine.

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KONG CoreStrength is designed to last and is sure to bring excitement while providing play sessions in the course of the road. The kernel multi-layered sustainable designed by KONG resists sessions mouthing long-term while satisfying the instincts of chewing natural to a dog.

CHF 12.50
The sound module RelaxoPet works with his versions sound special listening dogs and cats, with a built-in timer 120 and allows the animal to relax deeply. With the sound module RelaxoPet, the owner can choose whether the output should be intended for dogs or cats, with or without relaxation music additional.Video application: Click here

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Salmon oil Grizzly. Available in 125ml or 500ml

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Diet for dog Ziwipeak lamb without cereal.

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