ORIJEN Cat 1.8 Kg

Réf. 2704

CHF34.90 Tax included

Rich in protein and low in carbohydrates, ORIJEN FOR CATS, Adult and Kitten, contains the same mixture varied and balanced meats or fish, fruits, vegetables and herbs fresh that your cat would eat in the wild.

Description : Meat fresh chicken (18%), meat of fresh turkey (7%), fresh eggs (5%), liver, fresh chicken (5%), sole whole fresh (4%), herring in whole fees (4%), liver fresh turkey (4%), heart fresh chicken (4%), heart of fresh turkey (4%), neck fresh chicken (4%), chicken dehydrated (4%), turkey dehydrated (4%), mackerel whole dehydrated (4%), sardine whole dehydrated (4%), herring whole dehydrated (4%), chicken fat (3%), red lentils, whole, green peas whole, green lentils, whole, chick peas whole, white peas, whole, lenses, fiber, beans, whole beans, whole, the cartilage of chicken dehydrated (1%), oil of herring (1%), chicken liver, freeze-dried, liver turkey, freeze-dried, whole pumpkin fresh, pumpkin buried whole , zucchini fresh carrots fresh carrots fresh, fresh apples, fresh apples, fresh pears, cabbage fresh, fresh spinach, fresh beets, vareches brown, cranberries, blueberries, whole, turmeric Root, burdock root, lavender, the root of marshmallows.

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